How I’m preparing to leave Social Media in the next 30 days…

How I’m preparing to leave Social Media in the next 30 days…

It’s official. I’m taking the plunge and removing myself and the business from Social Media.

Well, ‘remove’ isn’t entirely accurate. I won’t do anything drastic with the profiles themselves. I’ll still leave ‘em there, just with info of where and how to get in touch; but I will no longer be posting to any accounts or logging in to check them (with exception of our client-only community group, which is currently on Facebook)


It would be straight-up daft (read: irresponsible) not to have a decent plan in place before following through on the decision. And, as it turns out, most of what I’m listing here would benefit from getting done / looked / at / prioritised anyway.

So, here’s what I’m taking action on over the next 30 days in preparation for the social exit.

Btw; think of this as an “active” post - I’ll be popping back to update it once tasks have been actioned - helloooo accountability!

1. Getting our business website launch over the line

Fun fact: Squirm-Free School of Business has never had it’s own website. We’ve always cobbled together a collection of various lead and landing pages... which works fine, don’t get me wrong, but our SEO sucks, and we are not very easy to Google or navigate - which is a pretty crappy experience for folks who are finding us for the first time, and an equally frustrating experience for people trying to find what they were looking at earlier.

We’ve been working on this behind the scenes for what feels like forever - what is it about website projects that means they always bloody drag? 😅 - but let’s face it, if you want to get your butt off social, you’d better have a bloody good website.

Progress = 🟠

We’re SO nearly there. Site content is done. SEO bits plugged in. Tweaking a few last design elements and styling bits. I’m currently faffing with DNS stuff as I write this.

2. Popping together a simple personal website, blog, and newsletter

Can you be a ‘personal brand’ without social media? We’ll find out soon, I s’pose, but I definitely wouldn’t want to try it without a decent personal website in place first.

Having a blog and content space outside of the business brand means I’ve still got a space to offload what’s in my brain, and (hopefully) add some value at the same time. I’m sure this’ll get gradually more ‘profresh’ and fancy over time - or maybe it won’t - again, we’ll see.

But anyhoo - this website will help me keep in touch with the folks I’ve connected with on social - business or otherwise.

Progress = 🟢

Ta-dahh! You’re looking at. I knocked this lil’ personal website up in a weekend using Notion and Super. Check out my journal entry
How I Built a Personal Website in Notion in a Weekend
for a step-by-step.

3. Giving my email list a refreshing colonic 💦

Yooo my email list needs a good SCRUB let me tell you. Open rates are good - but they’re not omg-pinching-myself-they’re-so-amazing. And I have a sneaking suspicion that Kajabi mail’s deliverability is... average at best.

I’m tempted to seek out a new email service provider (I know, I know, I should be on Convert Kit, wth am I doing?) but the thought of re-setting up all our automations, welcome sequences etc etc just fills me with so much dread. We’ll see.

Progress = 🔴

Not started. I’m feeling blocked by this decision about the email service provider. In the meantime, I’ll start by removing all unsubscribed peeps.

4. Reorganising my schedule so I have more “big” time blocks to create long-form content (blogs, emails, podcasts, YouTube videos)

Now that we’re only making content ‘roast dinners’ rather than 15-minute meals, I’m going to need a little more time to ‘cook’. The chances of me blogging regularly will be GREATLY increased if I actually have the time.

Progress = 🟠

I have the time on my calendar this week to review and reorganise the time on my calendar (lol)

5. Making it even EASIER and MORE ATTRACTIVE to hop on my email list(s)

If I’m being honest, this has been a bit of a mess for a while. Outside of events and promotions where we add hundreds (sometimes thousands) of new email subscribers of the course of a few weeks, there isn’t currently an ultra-steady stream flowing in during the in-between times. Leaky bucket or what?

Progress = 🟠

Pretty happy with this for the time being on my personal website here - I installed a cute non-infuriating pop up on a few pages, added sign up to our blog footer, and have created a nice lil’ newsletter sign up page at
Grab The Sunday Slice
The business website on the other hand needs some serious work on the ‘being optimised for opt-in’ front. Work in progress.

6. Refreshing my email list “Welcome” experience

Once they’re ‘on the list’, ideally I’d like folks to stick around. We have decent sequences for folks who sign up for freebies, events and promotions - but ‘general’ newsletter subscribers aren’t currently getting onboarded with the same care.

Progress = 🟠

First step is to review the current experience and go from there. Turns out we already have an 80% ready-to-go 4-part welcome sequence ready to roll (guess that pesky perfectionism got in the way, huh?) - The digital marketing equivalent of finding a tenner in my pocket!

7. Spiffing up my highlights, bio, header images and pinned posts

Seeing as I’m going to be abandoning these profiles, the least I can do is spruce ‘em up a bit first, eh?

Progress = 🟠

I’ve got a list and a few posts drafted, but still in progress

8. Getting reacquainted with Pinterest

Had a false start with Pinterest a year or so ago - mainly down to lack of clarity, I think. Now I know what we’d be pointing pins towards, I’m confident we can find a great groove on there and establish a groovy traffic source for both sites.

Progress = 🔴

Pretty much going from scratch here. I have an account, but now 99% sure that practically every pin is linked up to resources that have since changed location and give a 404 error 🥲 That’s going to be a fun job isn’t it?

9. Quite a lot of archiving

Jury’s still out on this, but I’m considering archiving the vast majority of my social content, and just leaving a handful of (strategic, valuable) posts. What do you think?

Progress = 🟠

Next step is to pick a “Top 9” for each account.

10. Turning off my comments and story replies

Already taken care of. Doesn’t make sense to allow comments and replies when I’m not going to respond to them.

Progress = 🟢

A quick trip to settings, and done ✔️ On Instagram, I unfollowed everyone (this is slow - you can only unfollow a few hundred people at a time) then allow comments from “People you follow” Then I turned on “Hide Like and View Counts”, Selected “Allow tags from no-one”, and turned off “Requests from shops” (whatever the heck that is haha) I turned off “allow story mentions” and “allow story replies” I turned off reel remixes and message requests... there’s a surprising amount of steps, but all fairly straightforward!

11. Setting up DM auto-responders

I don’t want folks to be left hanging! Seems only polite to set up an auto-responder, don’t you think?

Progress = 🟠

Started drafted these, but will turn on closer to “go time” - or should that be “get off time”?

12. Installing browser blockers and uninstalling apps

I’ve been using the “Newsfeed eradicator” Chrome extension for ages. It means I can log in to Facebook to respond to questions in my client community Facebook group, without getting sucked in by whatever dumpster fire is going down on the timeline. I’ll keep this for Facebook, but will use an extension like BlockSite to revoke access to “the others” whilst I break the habit.

Progress = 🟢

Feel like I have a good plan here.

13. Inviting my free Facebook group community to connect with me elsewhere

It’s been pretty neglected for quite some time, so I think it’s only right I make it “official” and close the doors to the free Squirm-Free Sales Club group - at least in its Facebook form. Rachel Kelly recently closed her free Make Lemonade Facebook group and it’s given me a lot of courage to say “Cheerio” to our 1600 members.

I’d like to move over to another platform in the future - perhaps Slack or Discord - but right now, it’s not the top priority.

Progress = 🔴

Need to write a “goodbye” post, edit the settings, remove all admins except me, and give the whole thing a good ol’ spruce / archive.

14. Making a plan for our client Facebook community to move to a different platform in 2023

So for now, our client community will stay on Facebook. I learned last year how challenging it is to run a community off-app (we tried Circle.so for 3 months - it cost $79/month for a platform no-one used) and it’s important that clients don’t get disrupted by my whims and fancies 😆  This is a decision I won’t rush into.

Progress = 🔴

We’ll circle back to this around September / October.

15. Reaching out to the people I want to stay connected with and giving them my contact info

I don’t plan on an “Irish goodbye”! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sending lots of emails and DMs so that we don’t get disconnected.

Progress = 🟠

So far, I’ve written a biiiig long list of “people I want to stay in touch with and why”. Next steps are to create an address book (probs in AirTable), draft messages and emails, and start sending them.

16. Getting our affiliate program spick n’ span

I am SO glad to have this on my list, as our affiliate program has been a hot mess since... always! This one I’m VERY excited about, but this is a big ass project. I continue to feel torn about Kajabi and whether to stick or twist. Any recommendations are very welcome.

Progress = 🔴

Need to make a decision about checkout software, and block off the time to plan this project.

17. Improving my Press Kit / Key Features

Again, it’s been on and off the list for a while. We have a great start on the 🎬  Katy Prince Media Kit but there’s lots that we can add here (testimonials, clips, summaries, contact forms, case studies, more features etc...) to really bring it to life as a lead generating tool.

It’s also be an opportunity to ask former features to update their backlinks to us 🙈

Progress = 🟠

This has a great foundation, it just needs an un-interrupted afternoon (and possibly some new photos, now that the buzzcut era is well and truly over)

18. Fully-stocking my reviews and testimonials (inc requesting Google reviews!)

Over the years we’ve tried so many ways of collecting, sorting, filing, naming, and tagging testimonials... and the truth is nothing’s quite stuck. So right now, we have hundred of success stories, screenshots, video snippets and case studies strewn across Notion, various AirTable bases, folders on iPhones, Canva folders, and desktops.

If you asked me to find a particular client’s top 3 wins in their own words... well, I’m embarrassed to say that I couldn’t do it for ya. Not quickly anyway. Talk about an opportunity, eh?!

Progress = 🔴

This one needs a project plan - first step is to block off 90 minutes to put a plan on paper and do a “quick n’ dirty” initial compile If you’ve been to an event or taken a course recently, I’d HUGELY appreciate a positive Google review when you have a few mins.

19. Booking podcast, speaking, and workshop facilitation opportunities

We have a great list of potential partners and collaborators (and a folder of “yes, we must get that set up!” type emails in our inbox, too) Once I’ve got a better handle on how the next few months are going to pan out, we’ll start getting these booked in.

Progress = 🟠

On hold until I’ve finished the calendar planning and scheduling. It’s important I have a good handle on my capacity before looking in all these opportunities! In the meantime, all opportunities and requests are living in a lovely AirTable base.

20. Having a big spring clean on Notion

Archiving off some boards and recurring tasks (and creating some new, more impactful ones) is going to feel sooo satisfying

Progress = 🟠

Gradually chipping away at this.

21. Organising a handful of guest posts and writing collaborations

I like this idea as a way to get in front of other people’s audiences and replacing things like story takeovers or “let’s go live together”s. However, I’m not yet 100% clear on how this will work for me specifically, or how much time and energy it will take. One to come back to.

Progress = 🔴

TBC - I’m not 100% if this is something I want to do yet.

22. Optimising our Google My Business profile

We did it! After a truly excruciating confirmation process, we’re officially on Google My Business which is gold dust for SEO and... just feels legit, ya-know?

Click on the red location pin to have a snoop at our profile.

Progress = 🟢

It looks gooood! Next steps are to ask for ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Google Reviews and add recurring tasks to the sales and marketing plan so that we update and refresh the profile regularly.

23. Starting a local meet-up group in Bristol (what up Bristol Small Business Study Circle 🤙)

It’s been a while since I lived in Bristol, so getting re-connected locally is a must - how can people recommend you or make introductions for you when they haven’t met you yet?

Progress = 🟢

If you’re local to Bristol, join my Meetup group - it’s pretty green at the moment, but I’ll be starting to host regular local meet-ups from April onwards

24. Getting our Podcast insiders community up n’ running

This is a bit more longterm but I would LOVE to find a way to reward our most loyal podcast listeners with some kind of “insiders” club - with extra episodes and a few other perks.

Progress = 🔴

TBC - Watch this space!

25. Reminding myself every single day that social media is absolutely NON-ESSENTIAL. It may be “free” to use but the costs are just so much more than what I’m willing to pay

Progress = 🟢

26. Also reminding myself that it’s ok to change my mind down the line if I want or need to

Progress = 🟢

As you can see, this list is very much a “live” document that’s evolving and being updated in real time. The goal is to be “off” altogether by March 31st, but we’ll see how it goes! Wish me luck!


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