Marketing Resources For Small Businesses (That Don't Rely on Social Media)

Marketing Resources For Small Businesses (That Don't Rely on Social Media)

I recently decided to stop using social media both personally and as a marketing tool for my business.

Not only has it become progressively more difficult to show up in people’s feeds without paying for the privilege, but more importantly it’s been having an increasingly drastic effect on my mental health and ability to focus.


If you’re exploring more marketing without social media, too, here are some resources for small business owners to succeed without posting, scrolling, or faffing around on Canva or editing TikToks all day

Links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links, which means I get paid a commission on any purchases you decide to make using these links as a thank you for the recommendation / making the introduction. There’s no cost to you, and, if you really don’t want me to get any “kickback”, you can search the resource directly using Google instead ☺️

  1. 🔬  What social media does to your brain - Spoiler alert: It ain’t good. Internet use is changing the way we store and access memories, make decisions, and our social cognition.
  2. 🎨  Leonie Dawson’s “Marketing without Social Media” class - They quit all social media almost a year ago now and run a 7-figure business. I’m feeling pretty inspired. I devoured this training in less than a day, and it’s a big part of what gave me the nudge to say “see ya, metaverse” with confidence. $97 well spent ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️*
  3. 🧠  Frances from The Social Brain’s membership - She understands the pressure and strain that solopreneurs and small teams are under and her pragmatic approach makes it all feel so much more achievable. If your goal is to see results from social, but without the drain of trial and error, join her Brainiacs community.
  4. 🔮  Emma Shoesmith’s “No Social Media Marketing Method” free mini course - It kicks off with a delicious audio training to loosen the digital ‘grip’ and cut chords with the physical ‘pull’ social media can have over us. If your reasons for cutting down on social are more energetic and emotional, this is a must-sign-up-for.
  5. 🎙  My recent podcast chat with Vix Meldrew - We had a pretty honest conversation about the challenges presented by social in 2022, and she shares so many practical, ready-to-implement tips in this episode. If your plan is to cut down or get more strategic rather than wrap up on social altogether, you’ll find this advice refreshing and actionable.
  6. 🌱  My notes on offline marketing - Click here to make a copy of my offline marketing notes and add them to your own Notion dashboard >>
  7. 🎧  The Pod Squad with Natalie Koussa - Visibility coach Natalie specialises in helping people with personal brands get featured and show up well on podcasts. Her Pod Squad group is fairly priced, and includes hot seat coaching.
  8. 📖  Alexandra Frazen’s work - Has come highly recommended to me, although I’ve not signed up for anything myself. Looks interesting, and she seems cool. Popping her next retreat on my vision board now.
  9. 🧰  All things Affiliates and Referrals with Zoe Linda - At the time of writing, I’m diligently working my way through their entire course catalogue in order to set up my own world-class affiliate program. All the info and templates are excellent. Right now she has a sale on, including an “MVP Affiliate Program Bundle” with is just $100.*
  10. ⏯  This handy podcast playlist I made for you on Spotify - It brings together lots of episodes where folks talk about marketing without social media. I have to be honest, I found many of these to be waffly and lacking in actionable information. Social Slowdown with Meg Casebolt and Leonie Dawson’s episode are the exceptions. I included some Tim Ferriss, Cal Newport stuff etc in here, too. Even though the conversations mostly lack charisma and are much much too long (over 2 hours, really?) there are some decent nuggets in these episodes.

No doubt I’ll come back and add more to this as time goes on. If you have a suggestion for something useful to add, get in touch via my


Lots of love,


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