Meet My Weekly Micro Capsule Wardrobe

Meet My Weekly “Micro Capsule” Wardrobe

Over the past few years, I have tried what feels like everything to work on defining my personal style.

Becoming more “visible” through the business, coupled with just being a woman in a society - that expects nothing less than physical perfection and impeccable taste at all times - over the past few years I’ve thought a lot more about how I look and what I wear than I’d care to admit.


I have tried what feels like everything to work on “my personal style”

I tried to do the infamous Project 333 - but I could never get it down to < 50 pieces so never started.

I thought about curating the perfect neutral capsule wardrobe - but I like my orange scarf, yellow tiger print shirt, spotty blue dress, Kelly green jumpsuit, candy pink handbag, fluorescent tassel earrings and tattoo print Doc Martens WAY too much... I don’t think I’m cut out for the all beige everything life 😆

I dread to tot up all the YouTube hours I’ve dedicated… Emma Hill, Audrey Coyne, Frederique Bros, Emily Wheatley and friends, I have spent more time with you all than with my own mum in the past 12 months.

Then, in summer 2021, I had major surgery. For the 6+ months preceding it I was in constant pain (hauling around 3Kg tumour is uncomfortable work, I learned) and, unsurprisingly, NO clothes made me feel awesome. Nothing fit, everything dug in and I adopted a uniform of leggings or joggers or PJs or my dressing gown.

In recovery, there was the Kibbe phase, where I inhaled all the Kibbe-related content the algorithm could throw at me. (Pretty sure I’m a “Dramatic”?) I was simultaneously bingeing the entire SATC series catalog. Related behaviours? Quite possibly.

I even worked virtually with a personal stylist - This part actually WAS helpful, BUT it didn’t resolve the daily overwhelm of staring at my wardrobe, which at this point, truly has been Kondoed as much as I’m willing - but still reaching for the same pair of jeans, t-shirt and sweater.

Well. I finally cracked it.

Say hello to the Weekly Micro-Capsule.

Aka the non-annoying capsule wardrobe that you can refresh every seven days.

Every Sunday, I pick out:

  • 1 x “Statement” - Can be anything; a dress, a pair of trousers, outerwear... For me, statement usually means brightly coloured, patterned, or colour-blocked, but it could also translate to embellished, an unusual cut or neckline, with frills or gathers, a slogan, an unusual colour, shape, tone, or fabric - open to your interpretation (This week is a green jumpsuit week for me!)
  • 4 x “Basics” - Pretty self-explanatory. I’ll usually choose two tops, one bottom and one layer, and tend to stick to a colour palette such as all white and pastel, or black and navy
  • 1 x Fun Accessory - could be a shoe, piece of jewellery, a scarf, belt, bag etc…

And that becomes my micro-capsule for the next 7 days.

Can I still use the rest of my wardrobe? - Yes, of course!

But that micro-capsule becomes my starting point each day.

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but I aim to wear both my statement piece and fun accessory at least 3 x each that week

Benefits of a weekly micro-capsule, and why I love it.

✔️  Helps me prioritise wearing what I love, rather than defaulting to what’s easy or obvious.

✔️  It promotes using what I already have, rather than feeling tempted or pressured to buy new items.

✔️  I’ve freed up SO much mental bandwidth.

✔️  I don’t have to shove all my clothes in Ikea bags and hide them under the bed, or give them all away.

✔️  I’ve improved my styling skills by learning to style pieces multiple ways every week.

✔️  I’ve stopped having those “omg I forgot I had this!” moments. I know what I have, and I look forward to popping them into the rotation.

✔️  I get tons more compliments now!

✔️  I don’t feel like I’m just wearing the same thing every day (because I’m not!)

✔️  It’s so much less overwhelming getting dressed every day - I find the weekly micro-capsule a manageable way to embrace personal style without pigeon holing myself or wearing a black turtleneck every day for the rest of my life.

✔️  Picking out my micro-capsule acts as a comforting ritual that I look forward to each week.

✔️  It accommodates real life. Week to week, activities change, my body changes with my cycle, and here in the UK, the flipping weather can switch seasons at a day’s notice.

Tips for making a weekly micro-capsule wardrobe work for you

  • Invest in underwear - I’m not talking about pants and bras, but proper “undergarments”. Tights, slips, petticoats, vests, and thermals in neutral colours will HUGELY increase the versatility of your clothes. My Nan would be proud.
  • Check your calendar for the week ahead - where will you be in your cycle, if you have one? Will you be mostly inside or outside? How formal (or not) are your appointments and activities for the week ahead?
  • Document or track your progress - with photos / collages / TikToks, whatever. But do something to capture your weekly capsule if you can. I have a free Notion Dashboard template you can grab here >>>
  • Challenge yourself - One week I chose yellow dungarees as my statement piece and glittery ankle boots as my fun accessory and you better believe I wore them together 4 days out of 7 ☺️
  • Have fun with it - whatever that means for you. Some people may find it fun to keep the whole thing a secret and notice compliments and double takes increase over time. Or maybe you want to blog about it in realtime, pair up with an accountability pal, or game-ify your progress in another way.

So whaddya reckon?

Will you take my weekly micro-capsule process for a spin?

Lemme know if you do!

Lots of love,


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