My Simplified Small Business Sales and Marketing Plan for 2022

My Simplified Sales and Marketing Plan for 2022

In this post I’m sharing a glimpse at my own new and updated marketing plan, now that social media doesn’t feature whatsoever.

It’s pretty lean, but it’s good. I’m excited to put it into action.


⭐️ 2022 Marketing Activity

Grow Small Business Study Club ‘business’ email list

  • Using audio adverts of the Small Business Study Notes podcast
  • By improving the Squirm-Free School of Business website SEO
  • By improving the Squirm-Free School of Business Google My Business profile
  • By word of mouth
  • By leveraging email signatures
  • By creating and distributing fun and “keep-worthy” printed assets (business cards, postcards, etc)

Grow my Sunday Slice ‘close friends’ email list

  • With Katy Prince’s Close Friends Podcast (starting v soon for Sunday Slice subscribers omg)✌🏻
  • By improving the Katy Prince website and journal SEO
  • By word of mouth
  • By leveraging email signatures
  • By creating and distributing fun and “keep-worthy” printed assets (business cards, postcards, etc)

Make and share valuable free content that blows people’s socks off 🌬🧦

  • Blog content
  • Podcast content
  • YouTube content
  • Free downloadable resources

Grow a world-class affiliate program that re-distributes wealth, improves financial accessibility, and generously rewards word-of-mouth marketing 💰💕

  • Make it ultra easy for referral partners to earn affiliate commissions by creating and equipping them with a banging affiliate toolkit (with Zoe Linda’s help)
  • Give generous commissions
  • Celebrate, support and reward our very best referral partners
  • Affiliates will have the choice to either:
    • Receive the payout yourself; great if you intend to use my affiliate program as additional income!
    • Nominate someone to receive the cash directly; great option for someone you mentor, sponsor, or support financially in another way
    • Contribute to a “Pay it Forward Fund”; this is a big pot which can then be redeemed against free courses, coaching, events, strategy sessions and more
    • *Shoutout to Kathryn Meisner for an amazing conversation about this recently!

Create transformational courses and resources that solve pressing problems and are fun to use and implement 🧠⭐️

  • Simple - the better the products, the better the word of mouth
  • This year, you’ll see me branch out of “just sales” and explore some fun new topics. No spoilers just yet, but I think you’re going to be delighted

Host and attend real life events here in Bristol, regionally and across the country 🎟🤗

  • Starting with more attending, and then hosting more once I get a handle on my capacity.

Embrace the ripple effect 🌀

  • I anticipate that, as a “ripple effect result” of the above, more people will:
  • Invite me to be on their podcasts
  • Mention me and my work in their blogs, content, emails, and conversations
  • Reach out to me with relevant media and press opportunities, and/or reply to my emails when I pitch myself!
  • Invite me to deliver guest trainings to their membership, group, team, or community
  • Enquire about bespoke sales training (either on-site, at your live event, or virtually)

⭐️ What I’m selling in 2022

SERVICES: 1:1 time with me

  • 75-minute Strategy Session, with replay and action points
  • Half-Day Strategy Session, with replay, action points, Content Critique, and Implementation Roadmap
  • Custom sales training for you and your small team (on site or virtually) - Starts from £5k, please submit an enquiry

if you’d like to take a look

COURSES: Courses and resources

  • 7 Days to Sales Success [available now]
  • Seal The Deal: 10 days of strategic follow-up, closing clients, and getting paid [available soon]
  • 21k in 21 days Cash Generation Challenge [pre-sale starts April 2nd]
  • More coming later in the year... 👀

EVENTS: Events and meet-ups

  • Sales Success Live - 3.5 days in Bristol; September 2022 - £795
  • Small Business Study Circles; £45 / ticket

PROGRAM: Sales Academy

We’re full! Applications will re-open in late 2022/early 2023

Thassit, folks.

My ultra-streamlined sales and marketing plan - sans social media 🥰

Let me know what yours looks like via email or whatsapp (I’m very nosey!) My contact details —>

Lots of love,


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