Why I’m Officially Trading Jeans for Dungarees

Why I’m Officially Trading Jeans for Dungarees

Can I level with you?

I’m feeling a bit sad at the mo.

Nothing major. A first world problem, for sure.

Mr Katy and I gave it ‘one last attempt’ on Saturday but, following a public meltdown in Oxford Uniqlo, I’ve decided to concede.

I’m sad because I can’t wear jeans any more.

Katy is smiling, with one hand on her hip and one hand pointing in the air, wearing pink fruit print dungarees/
Katy is smiling, with one hand on her hip and one hand pointing in the air, wearing pink fruit print dungarees/

For context, last year, I grew a 16cm diameter fibroid in < 6 months (bragging, I know)

My belly was so swollen I looked pregnant, I was in excruciating pain, had oedema, my bowels and bladder were not happy, and the growth had started enveloping the rest of my reproductive system 😬

Needless to say, it had to go.

I ended up having major surgery to get it removed. The recovery was pretty brutal at first… but I was mostly back on my feet within a few weeks.

Almost a year on and things are broadly back to “normal” now… except for one devastating new reality.

No more jeans 💔

No matter the cut or rise, or however stretchy or stiff the denim, they just don’t work.

❌ The shape around my middle has changed to one they don’t seem to design for ❌ The fabric round the fly is so freaking painful against my abdominal scarring ❌ Everything pinches in places that were never tender before ❌ Most of them won’t even do up, irrespective of sizing 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’ve got one pair that are just about bearable to have on, but they look so strange and ill-fitting that I feel like crap in them anyway.

And so - there’s a choice to be made, isn’t there?

When something that used to work is no longer working, should you try to:

a) force it to work at all costs? b) re-assess, diligently research and create a new sensible plan? c) do what feels good, seems fun and invent a (maybe slightly unhinged) new solution?

Well, pretty sure you can guess which I’m plumping for. This recent Uniqlo meltdown will be my last. From now on, I’m doing what feels good, what feels fun, and embracing the opportunity to establish a new normal.

I’m officially trading jeans for dungarees 🎉

From now on, for any occasion or outfit where I would have previously thrown on a pair of jeans - I’m making it work with dungarees instead. That’s it, that’s my plan!

What about you?

Is there something that's no longer working for you the way it used to?

Get in touch if you fancy a chat about it.

With much love,

Katy Prince


Ps. All my dungarees are from Lucy and Yak - this link gets you 25% off I think, and sends me a voucher if you decide to use it.

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