Sunday, March 13


Welcome to the Sunday Slice - my new “close friends” personal newsletter, which I decided to start after choosing to quit social media.

This being my first one, I can’t help but feel a certain sense of pressure. Like I have to set the tone, start off on the right foot, or make a splash… As though some kind of big grand “Tadahhh!” Is expected or required.

At first glance, having the opportunity start from scratch or start over seems great. Maybe you’ve even fantasised about it yourself?

Wishing you could go back to day one of your business, knowing everything you know now… All the things you’d do differently, projects you wouldn’t put off, opportunities you’d just go for - sounds alluring, doesn’t it?

But in reality starting fresh is a recipe for perfectionism and procrastination.

Up until this morning, I too had deceived myself that a ‘blank page’ would answer all the overwhelm, uncertainty, indecision, and self-doubt and lead to instant ✨ clarity ✨

Ordering my flat white, and grabbing my regular spot in my Sunday morning cafe haunt, all those old thoughts started eeking their way in:

“What if no-one thinks this is any good?”

“What if everyone unsubscribes?”

“What if I’ve made a mistake?”

“What if I fall at the first hurdle?”

If you’re feeling resistant to starting something new right now, that resistance is likely legit.

Starting anything from scratch requires you not only develop the creative idea itself, but also the structure, the process and the vehicle for it to come to fruition and make it out into the world.

Take this newsletter - getting this first one out is taking a LOT of energy and steps -

Getting the first newsletter out:
  1. Name the newsletter
  2. Decide the structure and cadence
  3. Choose an email service provider
  4. Create and connect sign up forms
  5. Set up Zaps and tags for new subscribers
  6. Set up a template in MailerLite
  7. Create a Notion workflow for capturing ideas, drafting, editing and sending
  8. Draft, edit and send this week’s edition
Getting subsequent newsletter out:
  1. Draft, edit and send!

- but next week, it gets easier, see? (a LOT easier!)

So whatever that thing is, the one you’re worried to start in case it doesn’t hit the mark, just get the first one out the door.

I’ve hit go on 3 “firsts” over the past 7 days:

  • First blog post on my personal site
  • First video on my YouTube channel
  • And now my first Sunday Slice email

And guess what? I didn’t die - and nor will you.

Being a beginner again is supposed to be humbling. The first anything is supposed to be average and forgotten.

Besides, next week, it gets MUCH easier 🥰

So, whaddy’a reckon?

Will you join me in getting out the gates?

What new thing will you shove out the door no matter what this week?

Hit reply, or leave me a long rambling voice note on WhatsApp.

With much love,

Katy x

One-line life updates:

  • Mum and I just booked a trip to Morocco 🇲🇦
  • I’m heading to the London Podcast Show in May 🎙
  • Freddie has a gig in Bristol on Friday 🕺🏻

Stuff you just gotta try this week:

  1. Setting up a simple blog using Notion ⚙️
  2. This recipe (Mr Katy's been making it for us most weeks) 🍝
  3. Last-minute tickets for Craig David's UK Tour 🎟
  4. Leonie's "Marketing without Social Media" course 🎒
  5. This ultra-creepy podcast, hosted by Stephanie Beatriz 🎙
  6. This calming YouTube channel 💻
  7. This cafe next time you're in Bristol ☕️

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