Sunday, March 20

This time two years ago, like many others and perhaps like you, I:

Dutifully shared pivot-spo stories of IRL businesses taking to the internet

Cheerfully added that Friends gif to my emails and socials

Proclaimed that moving to 100% online everything was a MUST!

Two years ago I was being as reactive as everyone else.

Slapping on discounts and extensions willy nilly

Flitting from one strategy and structure to the next - partly to break the monotony

Hastily shifting all my eggs into one online marketing basket

Short-term thinking

But back then we didn’t realise did we?

How bloody exhausting it all would have gotten

How tiring and relentless online marketing would become

The knock-on effects of the whole world being on social media at once 🙃

That visceral reticence to attend any non-essential zoom call

Other things I hadn’t accounted for during those cheerful pivot proclamation times:

Just how longterm this would be. I was convinced this’d all be over in 6 weeks, back to normal in 3 months, max. Here we are 2 years on, finally triple vaxxed and returning to normalcy.

How consumed by comparison I’d become without regular, real life, grounding, put-it-in-perspective conversations, hangouts and meet-ups

How ill I’d get and how profoundly life-altering the consequences would be. What the flipping fuckery.

How quickly I’d freaking HOON through my business savings during aforementioned illness and aftermath

The delayed knock-on effect of doing bare minimum sales and marketing activity for 8 months (hint = ouch)

To what degree and how permanently my capacity would change

How much I’d miss my (simpler, easier, leaner) pre-pandemonium life

Perhaps you too have been asking yourself different questions lately?

Questions like:

How can I further optimise my ___ <— insert online marketing thing?

How can I hire a gigantic team and make this a multi-million empire?

Whose 🍑 do I need to 🐽 to be the next household name?

What business model can I copy and paste to get to seven figures a year ASAP?

Have been replaced with questions like:

What do I even want? Next week, next month, next year…?

How much money do I actually need to make to enjoy my life, with a little extra to save and invest?

Who am I really when I’m not being a #PersonalBrand?

How much time and energy am I honestly prepared to dedicate to this?

What can I no longer flipping stand? (cough cough, social media)

How can I live a fuller, more happy and nourishing life outside of my online business persona?

I’m calling it: The real pivot starts now.

Pivoting online —> pivoting towards what you actually want.

Tell me. What do you truly, really, honestly, actually most want this week, this month, this year?

Hit reply, or leave me a voice note on WhatsApp.

I’m happy to share:

I want to fully embrace my weird, unconventional, no-routine schedule

I want to do more writing and fewer Zoom calls

I want to take 10 multi-day trips this year

I want to make OTT packed lunches more often

I want to plan, prepare for and take an 8-12 week sabbatical in the next 12 months

I want to get connected to my local community here in Bristol

And what pivot will help you make it a reality?

Here’s a peep at how I’m pivoting to better accommodate what I want and need:

Leave social media (done ✔️)

Embracing more offline, print, and in-person ways of growing the business.

Lean into selling courses and resources (at a lower price point)

Host IRL events in favour of online

Only run my high-touch Sales Academy once a year (and restrict intake to 12 people)

…And that’s just the beginning

(I’ll of course keep you posted over the coming weeks and months)

But now I wanna know - what about you?

Tell me two things:

  1. What do you truly, really, honestly, actually most want this week, this month, this year?
  2. And what pivots might help you make it a reality?

Hit reply to any Sunday Slice email, or leave me a voice note on WhatsApp - all my contact info is on the Connect page at KatyPrince.com

Before I go, A few very quick life updates, announcements and such:

  • Freddie had a gig in Bristol on Friday night, which was so fun. Search Freddie Lewsi on Spotify to listen to his new single Best Dressed Ex
  • Luke and I had a disappointing burger at 3 Brothers - got me thinking about how “silent complainers” are the biggest threat to your reputation… possibly a topic for future?
  • I’m re-reading Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Work Week at the moment - would you be interested in a book summary? Is this something I should start doing?
  • I’m on a mission to document some in-depth case studies over the coming weeks. If you’ve taken a course or program with me and would like to participate in a case study, email me katy@katyprince.com with the subject line Case Study.