Sunday, March 27


Hey, {{first_name}},

I’m currently in a season that I’m affectionately referring to as “Relentlessly getting my sh*t together”

Before the pandemic was even a twinkle in a bat’s eye, I was living in moderate chaos.

Having moved from Toronto back to the UK with 48 hours notice, after learning my lovely Nan only had a few weeks left, I lived out of backpacks, my folks’ place and airbnbs right up until Boris told us to “stay at home”.

That was two years ago this week. Since then, Luke and I have moved home 4 times (it’s a whopping 9 total in the 5 years we’ve been together) and... it’s made us really good at popping bandaids on things and cheerfully thinking “Let’s sort that out properly later, once we’re settled”

What a lovely thought that is, to be “settled”.

Settled to me would mean finally being in our new home, stuff out of storage and getting our pet cat.

Settled to me would mean establishing a proper routine, complete with local haunts, regular classes, and familiar faces

Settled would mean choosing forever things instead of ‘for now’ things - sounds insignificant, but I am desperate to be able to buy things like cleaning products, rice, herbs etc in bulk again!

It’s hard to rebel against a ‘normal’ you don’t have, or be ‘spontaneous’ when everything is up-in-the-air as it is.

But the “on hold til we’re settled” life admin list has reached bursting point. Ready or not, its time to start dealing with all that life, health, financial, social and relationship admin -

I’d be fibbing through my teeth if I told you I wasn’t pretty overwhelmed by it all. There is some serious backlog.

My passport expired a year ago. I can’t find my birth certificate. We’re not 100% sure we ever got round to registering our marriage in the UK. I haven’t seen the dentist in 4 years. I’m 5 months overdue for my eye test (and I’m really very blind).

There are dear friends I haven’t contacted in far too long. I really must book that food intolerance test... The list goes on.

Tempting, isn’t it? To wait until everything’s in order and conditions are perfect before you roll up your sleeves and start doing the thing.

Same goes for business.

There’s no ‘optimal’ time to start that marketing campaign you’ve been talking about for months, other than “now”

The messy and imperfect follow-up you do this week will always get better results that the perfect follow-up message you never send.

Starting to address your numbers will always feel somewhat squirmy. Rip the bandaid off. Knowledge is power.

Delaying growing your email list until you have “the right thing to say” is… not smart. Send something, anything, to the people on your email list this week.

Anyways, seeing as this email has turned into one about admin and getting your sh*t together, here are a few questions to ask yourself at the end of the quarter:

  1. What did I most enjoy, and why?
  2. What did I not enjoy at all, and why not?
  3. What am I most proud of, personally?
  4. What am I most proud of, professionally?
  5. What was my MOST fruitful source of high-quality leads?
  6. And what about the least fruitful?
  7. What valuable lessons am I taking forward with me into next quarter?
  8. What tasks and responsibilities can I eliminate altogether? (They either don’t move the needle, don’t yield results, or I don’t enjoy them)

These were actually taken from an end-of-quarter sales review workshop I hosted with my clients on Friday (31 questions with prompts altogether, with accompanying resources)

If you’d like the full Notion workbook to dive into and work through, click here to grab your own copy.

One line life updates:

  • Not going to lie, this week felt really, really hard. My mental health was rough, Mr Katy had some quite stretchy conversations - and this morning he cracked his head open (he’s ok!), a dear friend got some difficult news, and I didn’t sleep well.

On the upside:

  • My mum and I had a gorgeous lunch in Salisbury. Highly recommend Alium restaurant 🍽
  • Put away my sweaters and switched over to my spring wardrobe - hello jumpsuits, midi skirts, and very pale legs 🕺🏻
  • Decided to give my skin a break and stop wearing makeup for the foreseeable (other than mascara and cheek tint)
  • Trying out some new Pukka Herbs supplements at the moment to help with anxiety and concentration. Very curious whether they make a difference or not 🙃
  • I set the dates for our Squirm-Free Sales LIVE event (put September 20-23 on your calendar - omg!)